Angel, Tarot Card, and Divination tools

We all can use spiritual guidance and more clarity in life.
a) Develop your psychic abilities & learn to connect
b) Psychic Reading
c) Akashic Records
d) Soul reading
d) Past life regression & healing
e) Dowsing with crystals and nature

We are surrounded by angel and spirit guides, waiting for us to call upon them. Here, at the owl awakening we offer channelled readings and courses that act as bridge to higher spiritual transformation. Detailed courses on Dowsing, Tarot cards, Angel oracle card and Akashic records are available to enthusiasts who wants to access their own intuitive channel and unlock the hidden soul potential and knowledge. Our guided meditations along with light language channelled codes and symbols are the powerful tools to reconnect with your psychic abilities and accelerate your spiritual growth. My moto is to provide unparalleled and unequalled support to everyone who feels the pull to their own calling. If you choose to take on this journey with The Owl Awakening, I will dedicate myself and my unique Gift to your growth. 
We do past life regressions, Psychic and Akashic record readings to help you glide through life’s situations. In the channelling or readings, we are connecting with ascended masters, spirit guides, and angels to bring forth the information about past, present and future for your highest benefit. We will work through the information to heal, provide tools to access the highest soul potential so that you can live and love freely. It will be a powerful life changing experience.  

Not sure what to ask or where to begin, book a 30 min startup session.
Take a leap of faith, follow your longing to higher awakening and fly with us!!

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